Framing Features

We use higher quality lumber. And a lot more of it.

Framing Features

Features of Your New Home’s Framing

If our homes look like they have more lumber in them, it is because they do. We not only use a higher grade of lumber than most builders, we use more of it.

While some builders work hard to remove every piece of lumber out of your home’s frame, we work just as hard to make sure it gets every piece it needs.

Every M Daigle Custom Home framing plan is reviewed by a licensed structural engineer to ensure proper beam sizing and load transfers. Our wall studs are spaced at +-16″ on centers, and joists and rafters at 19.2″ or less. Other builders often use 24″ centers for one or both. We don’t compromise on our quality to reduce framing cost, and we don’t stop there. Our homes are fully enclosed with a wood sheathing, no foam here. This provides you with one of the most rigid and structurally sound framing systems available today, and provides extra peace of mind, especially in areas prone to high winds and serious storms.

In addition to wood sheathing, our exterior walls are covered in a house wrap product such as Tyveck. This feature allows your home to “breathe”, while at the same time, providing a moisture barrier.

We include an additional quality check by having all of our homes are inspected by a third party for building code compliance so you can feel confident your new home is built to last. It’s just another way we add value into every home we build.


The best foundation is properly designed and constructed for your specific home design and soil conditions.


If our homes look like they have more lumber in them, it’s because they do. We use a higher grade, and more of it.


M. Daigle Custom Homes are built to be some of the most energy efficient homes available on the market today.


Interior finishes open up a world of choice. After all, building a custom home is all about choice, your choice.


If our homes look better on the outside, it is because they’re finished with some of the finest products in the industry.


To learn more, get in touch with an M. Daigle Custom Homes specialist and begin building your dreams today.