Foundation Features

Foundations that are properly designed, inspected, and constructed.

Features of Your New Home’s Foundation

Every M Daigle Custom Home starts with a site specific soils test. Our structural engineers take that information and utilize it to design a foundation specifically for your home and the soil it rests on.

The structural engineer inspects our foundations prior to concrete placement, and is on site to monitor the pour. In addition, we utilize a comprehensive concrete materials testing process so you can be assured your foundation is built to last.


The best foundation is properly designed and constructed for your specific home design and soil conditions.


If our homes look like they have more lumber in them, it’s because they do. We use a higher grade, and more of it.


M. Daigle Custom Homes are built to be some of the most energy efficient homes available on the market today.


Interior finishes open up a world of choice. After all, building a custom home is all about choice, your choice.


If our homes look better on the outside, it is because they’re finished with some of the finest products in the industry.


To learn more, get in touch with an M. Daigle Custom Homes specialist and begin building your dreams today.