Energy Saving Features

Our homes our inspected to ensure we meet rigid energy standards

Energy Features

Energy Saving Features of Your New Home

Energy efficiency and conservation is extremely important to all of us. Your M. Daigle Custom Home is built to be one of the most energy efficient homes on the market today.

Thorough Inspections Throughout Entire Building Process

We have our plans reviewed and our homes inspected to ensure we meet rigid energy standards. We don’t stop there either. The air conditioning ducts are tested by a third party inspection service for leakage, and the entire home is tested again at the final stage to ensure compliance with tough air infiltration standards.

Insulation Maximized for Energy Savings

Let us customize your insulation package along with the rest of your new home. Our insulation package is designed to give you the most value for the money We offer both Open Cell Foam and Bibbs insulation packages for lasting value and energy savings


Enhanced Air Quality  / Heating and Cooling

Indoor air quality is important in today’s “tight” homes, and that is why we go the expense of including a fresh air intake in our A/C systems. A proper exchange of indoor and outdoor air promotes better air quality inside the home, while helping to maintain comfort for your family.

In our hot and humid climate, humidity control plays an important role in your home. That is why we include a dehumidifier in all of our new homes.. By reducing humidity levels, we promote indoor air quality and reduce the load on the A/C system, providing you a greater level of comfort in your new M Daigle Custom Home.

Our air conditioning system provides a 15 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) system specifically designed and sized for your new home. Engineering the correct size system ensures your system will operate the most efficiently. The higher SEER rating A/C, backed with the comfort of a gas fired furnace, provides you with one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems today. If gas is not available in your area, we can include an energy saving heat pump. Either way, you will see and appreciate the value when you pay your lower utility cost!

On Demand Hot Water Only When You Need It

Water heating is by an On Demand water heater which only heats the water when you use it. Therefore, saving you money on your water heating cost by not having to heat and maintain a reserve 24 hours a day while it is waiting for you to use.

Insulated Vinyl Windows

Our vinyl windows will also help keep your utility costs low. Vinyl windows are the most energy efficient windows manufactured today. The insulated Low-E glass helps to reduce heat gain, and the vinyl frame greatly reduces the heat transfer through the frames when compared to aluminum windows. In a Gulf Coast climate, vinyl windows are not subject to the same moisture problems possible with wood windows. Just another quality feature of your M. Daigle Custom Home.

We offer additional energy saving options such as variable speed A/C equipment, more energy efficient lighting packages, Solotube lighting, foam insulation systems, and more. Ask us about the many ways we can help you reduce your energy cost on your new home today!


The best foundation is properly designed and constructed for your specific home design and soil conditions.


If our homes look like they have more lumber in them, it’s because they do. We use a higher grade, and more of it.


M. Daigle Custom Homes are built to be some of the most energy efficient homes available on the market today.


Interior finishes open up a world of choice. After all, building a custom home is all about choice, your choice.


If our homes look better on the outside, it is because they’re finished with some of the finest products in the industry.


To learn more, get in touch with an M. Daigle Custom Homes specialist and begin building your dreams today.